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Hire us for effective pest removal and pest control services in the North Shore

Pests can be very annoying at any place. Also, there are different types of pests found in the North Shore, for example, rodents, cockroaches, mosquitoes, spiders and bees. All these pests are capable of causing expensive damage. Therefore, always get help from a pest professional. Our pest control North Shore team can be the best choice for you. Firstly, pests cause a lot of trouble. Secondly, they are a big threat to human health.

Stop That Pest is a leading local pest control company in North Shore. Our excellent professionals offer perfect pest control. Moreover, our pest control North Shore team is equipped with advanced techniques. Also, we are always updated with the latest technology. Get your instant pest control quote today. Hire us for affordable pest control today. Our line of customer service 02 4058 2709 is available all round the clock. 

The pest control process we perform to make your property pest-free

  1. Inspection of the area :

All different kinds of pests have different ways of entering the home. Firstly, pests live in dark and humid areas. These areas are usually in unreachable places, for example, attics, storerooms, beneath the furniture and pantry area. Therefore, a thorough pest inspection is always necessary. Our team pest control North Shore uses advanced inspection techniques. Moreover, the pest control prices are cheap. 

  1. Removal of the cause of infestation :

Pests are attracted to a lot of different things, for instance, unhygienic homes, stored garbage, gaps and vents, stagnant water, soiled food and cluttered areas. Therefore, our team is very observant about the causes of pest infestation. Hence, they will identify the cause and then treat them immediately.

  1. Process of fumigation or fogging :

One of the most effective pest control treatment methods is fumigation or fogging. The fumigation method is very effective on insects, especially flies, bees and wasps. Firstly, the infected area is covered. Secondly, gases and chemicals are released into the infected area. This way the pests are exterminated by our pest exterminators. 

  1. Spraying of pesticides and insecticides:

Pesticides are another method of controlling pests. Importantly, our company uses eco-friendly pesticides. Also, pesticides come in various forms, for example, insecticides to kill insects, rodenticides, termiticides, spraying for mosquitoes and spiders. 

5. Setup of baits and repellents :

Baits are traps used to attract pests. They also come in different varieties. They act as a stimulant and attractant for the pests. Therefore, our team of pest control North Shore has the best baits systems. Moreover, we have very efficient repellents.

  1. Dead pests removal :

Firstly, dead pests are considered very harmful. Our team of professional pest control will carefully remove them from the premises and also, sanitise your area to prevent any disease transmitter. Hence, this is our step by step procedure of non-toxic pest control. It is a very effective way to deal with stubborn pests.

The different areas and properties we provide pest control services in the North Shore

Our professional team of pest control North Shore has great work experience. We have been working in the North Shore for years now, hence, our goal is to cover every property in the suburb. This includes residential pest control and commercial pest control. Here is a list of places we are available:

  • All commercial premises
  • Restaurants, hotels, cafes and eateries
  • Kid health care centre
  • All academic institutions like schools and colleges
  • Private homes and residential societies
  • Shopping places and Malls
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Factories and manufacturing industries

Our special pest control services that we offer in North Shore

We offer a wide range of pest control services. For example, ant pest control, pet-safe pest control, spider pest and insect control, cockroach pest control, termite pest control, pest control for bees and wasps & pest control for rats

Here are some of our special services:

  • Emergency and same day pest control

We provide emergency pest control on the North Shore. Our emergency pest control services help to tackle any pest problem immediately. Therefore, instead of waiting for the pest to grow, our priority is to treat pests on time. Also, we provide same day pest control services. Simply book your appointment with us and our pest control North Shore team will arrive as soon as possible.

  • End of lease pest control

We provide a quick end of lease pest control service. This is a service almost every tenant needs in the North Shore. Simply switch the responsibility to our team of professionals. Our pest control experts will perform responsible pest control without causing damage to the property. 

  • Eco-friendly pest treatment

Our company believes in using eco-friendly pest control methods. Therefore, all the chemicals, pesticides, and baits we use are not harmful to the environment. Moreover, you get kid-friendly and pet-friendly pest control

  • Large area pest infestation treatment

Do you have a large property infested with pests? We have the right treatment for you. Pest control North Shore team has the right experience to deal with large infected areas. Also, the pest control costs for such treatments are affordable. 

Reasons to hire our pest control company in North Shore

  • We are a team of hardworking professionals. Importantly, our services are trustable in the locality of North Shore. 
  • Also, we have licensed and certified pest control professionals. Hence, we have the right knowledge of pest control.
  • Moreover, our pest inspection cost is very reasonable. We want everyone on the North Shore to have access to quality pest control.
  • Our speciality is that we always include eco-friendly pest treatments.
  • Lastly, we are the most trusted among the local pest control companies in North Shore.


  1. Do you offer pest control services in the nearby location of North Shore?

Our company provides pest control widely in the North Shore and we extend our services to nearby locations as well. Therefore, contact us to get more information.

  1. Can you treat termite-infested wood in my home?

Yes, we can treat all types of termite infestation. Our team will first inspect the infected wood and then will analyse if it’s treatable or not.

  1. Do you offer a quick booking process in North Shore?

All our booking processes are easy and quick. Our customer service is always available to guide you through it.