How To Stop Rat Infestation.

Rodents are long-tailed creatures, whom you might be feeding and giving space for shelter, the rat lives in stealth mode, that’s why you’re always seeing their reflection and droppings. It’s not safe to live with rats, they contaminate food items also carries numerous diseases. Also, rats are ungrateful because they like to shred anything which came handy in front of them. If you’re reading this blog, you might have witnessed the terror of a mouse, they can be very difficult to deal with. If you do not take strict actions against them, they will multiply and start their family, no one can imagine how disastrous that could be. So here, we have concluded some easy steps to repel pests in the best possible way.

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Setting Up A Non-Lethal Wire Cage As A Trap.

Using non-lethal wire cage is a humane way to catch a mouse and throw them away. Moreover, if you don’t want to go easy on rats and want to take revenge for their wrongdoings, you can throw them on fire, but remember God is watching us all. Coming to the point, to set up a non-lethal wire cage, you need to get a non-lethal wire cage trap, you can get it from somewhere, figure out yourself, today we have internet, so there’s no need for digging more. When you get the trap, you need to set up bait, you can use cheese, we all know mouse loves cheese, thanks to jerry the characters gave us all the insights of a mouse’s life.

Do Not Go For Rat Repellent Sound Machine.

I repeat do not go for rat repellent sound machine, rats have contributed so much in studying genetic science, that most of the medical science subject is now on its feet because of them. There’s also a reason why the mouse has been chosen for studying genetic science (when mentioning the genetic science, the reference is not the study of evolution, Darwin observed all that) mouse has similar DNA structure like us, also there was no restriction to use rodents for study and research purpose. The whole point is if their DNA is like us, then this machine won’t affect them, because if it was capable of affecting them, then we would have also be repelled and forced to live outside, then there will be no point of this machine. So, seeing both sides of the coin, there’s no-win either side. On a serious note, the rat repellent sound machine is a scam, there’s no evidence that they work on rats or rodents, so don’t waste your money.

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Do Not Serve Food To The Rodents.

By all means, when you keep the food items in open, it’s an open invitation to mouse to come and have supper. Rats can smell things from a long distance, even if you throw the food in open garbage, the rat won’t mind eating that too, they might think that you didn’t wait for them. All these food items kept in open is the reason how they thrive, thus stop serving food to them. Food items kept in open such as dining table, garbage, pet bowl and food leftover in the sink is giving the rodents supply of food, if you cut these supply, it’ll indirectly affect the rat, they’ll leave your house because of hunger.

Keep A Cat.

This might sound weird, but if you keep a cat as a pet, the rat won’t come near your house, because of the fear of cat. A cat is a natural predator and they like to hunt rat and eat them, this might sound inappropriate, but there’s no sin, it comes in natural food chain killing, this time God is not watching you, but your cat. Being just a rat killer, a cat can do more, they’re fun to have in a house, well except pooping in the house to avoid this scenario you need to train them. Besides, this you can cuddle your cat and they will stay by your side always in reality cats keeps to themselves and they won’t care about any human emotion, but still, cats are adorable, that’s why many people choose cats over rats. So, you can also keep a cat to protect your house from the wrath of the rat.

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