How To Get Rid Of Fire Ants? 4 Steps Suggested By Pest Control Sydney

Fire ants can be the cause of worry if you have them around your home and garden. Their sting is painful and triggers an allergic reaction. To get one step closer to the fire ant problem, you must know how to treat them successfully. So, here are four steps Pest Control Sydney suggests, which are safe and effective in treating fire ants.

Fire Ants And Dangers:

Fire ant or Red ants are typically 1.6- 5 mm long, with their body separated into a head, thorax, and abdomen. They have six legs and a pair of antennae. They usually nest around soil and form large mounds in open areas. But if they get a chance to invade home, they attack there too. The painful sting is similar to the sensation when burned by fire. Some people get an allergic reaction which includes: sudden troubled breathing, nausea, swollen throat. Apart from this, they also cause electrical malfunctions as they are attracted to appliances like AC.

What Professional Pest Control Sydney Suggests To Get Rid Of Fire Ants?

Bait Products:

When fire ants infest the home, you can use bait products for effective ant control.  Though you can use this method throughout the year, it is most effective during warmer months to apply. They consume it thinking of it as food and take it to the colonies where 70-85% of ants eliminate.

Treat Individual Mounds

Mound treatment contains insecticides that act as a poison to kill fire ants. Make sure you follow safety instructions before you apply this method. Remember, this treatment work only on the encircled mound, so spray it on the individual. Additionally, cover the entire mound so that the queen does not come out and be killed within it.

Hot Water Method

A simple yet useful method to kill fire ants. Professionals at pest control in Sydney suggest that you can choose this method if you don’t want chemicals. 

Boiling water is perfect for fire ant extermination; just pour it onto the mound and encircling area. But remember the boiling water is harmful to the plants in contact.

Protect Your Lawn And Family From A Sting By Hiring A Professional:

If you are dealing with the fire ant problem, then a local company like Sydney pest control can help you eliminate it. Professionals are certified, and they can use specific treatments that are not available for the general people. In addition, they look for the main cause of infestation and help remove it from home and protect your family.


Though fire ant is a problem for the backyard, it is best to let professionals handle it. In addition, most professionals in pest control in Sydney know effective and safe ways for fire ant extermination. They help in protecting your family from fire ant sting and threats posed by it.