How to Control Cockroach Populations

Generally, Cockroach lives in a place where moisture and food are available. Once they get into your home it is quite difficult to remove them from the root. Any manual technique of cleaning and treatment can only give you temporary relief but not a permanent solution. If you want to keep your home free from Cockroach menace, follow the below manual tricks in your day to day household chores.

Cockroach Pest Control

Cockroach Elimination in Homes and Apartments

Sanitation is important. Keep your kitchen platform, gas stove, kitchen bins, sink and floor clean. This is the most significant prevention and management step to be followed.

  • Place the foodstuff in sealed containers and take care of the waste food.
  • Make everything clean and organized to reduce the Cockroach Control hiding places.
  • Fill the gaps, cracks, and crevices if any in your wall and window with cement and paint.
  • You can dust boric acid to the places like cracks, gaps, and crevices to prevent roach to enter.
  • There is food grade diatomaceous earth which is not harmful to human. You can use them for your stored food like cereals and pulses to prevent them to contaminate.
  • Botanical insecticides are the last resort. It has insecticidal properties harmful to the environment.

Principles of Cockroach Control:

Every home has a cockroach. But every homemaker doesn’t know how to deal with them. Here we are discussing the best Principles to be followed for home cockroach control. Before starting with the cockroach pest control the first thing which is to be done is cockroach inspection treatment. If you are unable to do that take the help of a professional pest control service provider to identify the cockroach infestation. After detecting the existence of the cockroach mess you should be very careful with the below concerns.

Eliminate Food:

It is better if you can remove the sources of foodstuff to the minimum. Cockroaches come in search of food and shelter if they get food easily they never leave the place. So not only foodstuff but the food particles lying around, the bins and the waste and leftover food should be eliminated from the place. Do not leave the food scraps reaching to them. A good cleaning method of kitchen platform, gas table, and kitchen space using floor cleaner can help. Always use a sealed container to store food.   

Expert Cockroach Pest Control

Remove Water:

Warm, damp and moist places are the home for Cockroaches. They require water to survive. So do not keep water accessible to them. This can help you to prevent them to survive more at that location.

Take Away Their Shelter:

Small confined spaces such as the cracks of the wall and crevices are the best places where these insects dwell. Remove their shelter by sealing every gap and cracks of the bathroom, kitchen, and pantry with cement and metal. Do not use cardboard objects, plastic bags and scrape newspaper in your kitchen.

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