Flea Control Sydney

Flea Control Sydney: Fleas typically can be classified as adult and larvae. While we commonly think they only feed on blood from pets or humans, this is only true in the case of adult fleas. Larvae feed on debris and the faeces of adult fleas, which consist of undigested blood. The flea control Sydney service can help you in the same case.
Flea Control Sydney

Flea Control Sydney

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Process of flea control

Our team uses the two-pronged approach for treating the flea infestation in your house.

Firstly, the technicians of Stop That Pest conduct the thorough inspection of the area affected by the flea. They first determine the level of the problem occurred due to the infestation of the flea. Our expert will treat the infestation flea in your house with the effective treatment methods outside and inside of your house. The result provided by the treatment of our experts is effective for a much longer period of time.

Secondly, the result also depends on you as you need to properly follow the series of pet grooming and housekeeping exercises for reducing the flea infestation. Our professional team provides the best advice on these exercises depending on the Flea Pest Control Services.

Facing Flea Problem in Your house? Don’t Worry Call Our Professional

At Stop That Pest, we are devoted to making your home pest-free and that includes making it free of fleas as well. Our certified team searches your premises to look for possible places where a flea might hide. With the benefit of our expertise and knowledge, we also hunt down possible eggs, adult fleas and treat your home. We thoroughly treat your home through eco-friendly and pet-friendly solutions of flea control.

Steps You Can Take To Prevent Flea Infestation

  • You should regularly vacuum your house properly to prevent flea infestation.
  • You should wash the bedding of your bed every week at a temperature of 50 degree Celsius.
  • Some of the animals also carry fleas with them such as wild cats, rabbits, possums, foxes, and rodents. The time duration when your pets are out they are prone to pick up the fleas easily. You should use the flea combs regularly on your pets to eliminate fleas.
  • The organic matters present in bedding, carpets, and furnishings feed the Larvae. You need to try for removing the potential supply of food for preventing the fleas.
  • You should inspect the flooring and carpets carefully for the signs of the flea dirt and eggs when you are moving into a new house. The flea larvae should be waiting for you in your new home if the previous owners had pets.

Signs You Need to Look for Flea Infestation

  • Your dog or cat (if you own one) look in discomfort and continuously scratches or bites their fur.
  • Fleas are usually very small in size and they do not have wings but the fleas can jump long distances as they have powerful legs. Their powerful legs help them to attach with the pets, humans and various furry animals such as mice, rats, and livestock.
  • If you find any fine flea dirt or eggs in your house, you should call professional flea control services to treat them.
  • If you feel incessant scratching which can result in itchy and swollen red bites on your skin.

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    Types of Fleas

    Fleas are usually of three major types Human, Cat and Dog Fleas.

    Human Fleas

    The human fleas can survive on birds and mammals as well. These are most commonly found on animals such as pigs. The preferred food for human fleas is known to be human blood. When the human fleas bite the saliva of the fleas can cause some of the allergic reactions and can transmit no. of diseases.

    Dog Fleas

    Dog fleas usually live on the fur of dog and they can remain alive on their own host dog. These fleas feed on the blood of their host dog and live for months without getting feed. Thus, the female dog flea needs to have a meal before the reproduction and their size is 2mm approximately.

    Cat Fleas

    There are some of the adult cats fleas live for approximately one year and they live on the domestic cars but these fleas can also be found on dogs. Hence, the cat fleas prefer to feed on dogs, cats, and humans. The bites of cat fleas are not harmful to humans.

    The experts of Stop That Pest provide the most effective pest control services to you. The safety of your family and pets is the main motive of the technicians of our company. You can hire our company for ensuring the safe environment of your house. We also provide same-day affordable Moth Control Services in Sydney.

    Benefits of Hiring Stop That Pest for flea control

    • The experts of our company have dealt with no. of flea problems and know the best methods for treating a flea infestation.
    • We provide no. of treatment options to treat the infestation of a flea in your house.
    • We provide all the customised treatment plans for preventing the infestation of fleas.

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