How To Get Rid Of Fire Ants? 4 Steps Suggested By Pest Control Sydney

Fire ants can be the cause of worry if you have them around your home and garden. Their sting is painful and triggers an allergic reaction. To get one step closer to the fire ant problem, you must know how to treat them successfully. So, here are four steps Pest Control Sydney suggests, which are safe and effective in treating fire ants.

Fire Ants And Dangers:

Fire ant or Red ants are typically 1.6- 5 mm long, with their body separated into a head, thorax, and abdomen. They have six legs and a pair of antennae. They usually nest around soil and form large mounds in open areas. But if they get a chance to invade home, they attack there too. The painful sting is similar to the sensation when burned by fire. Some people get an allergic reaction which includes: sudden troubled breathing, nausea, swollen throat. Apart from this, they also cause electrical malfunctions as they are attracted to appliances like AC.

What Professional Pest Control Sydney Suggests To Get Rid Of Fire Ants?

Bait Products:

When fire ants infest the home, you can use bait products for effective ant control.  Though you can use this method throughout the year, it is most effective during warmer months to apply. They consume it thinking of it as food and take it to the colonies where 70-85% of ants eliminate.

Treat Individual Mounds

Mound treatment contains insecticides that act as a poison to kill fire ants. Make sure you follow safety instructions before you apply this method. Remember, this treatment work only on the encircled mound, so spray it on the individual. Additionally, cover the entire mound so that the queen does not come out and be killed within it.

Hot Water Method

A simple yet useful method to kill fire ants. Professionals at pest control in Sydney suggest that you can choose this method if you don’t want chemicals. 

Boiling water is perfect for fire ant extermination; just pour it onto the mound and encircling area. But remember the boiling water is harmful to the plants in contact.

Protect Your Lawn And Family From A Sting By Hiring A Professional:

If you are dealing with the fire ant problem, then a local company like Sydney pest control can help you eliminate it. Professionals are certified, and they can use specific treatments that are not available for the general people. In addition, they look for the main cause of infestation and help remove it from home and protect your family.


Though fire ant is a problem for the backyard, it is best to let professionals handle it. In addition, most professionals in pest control in Sydney know effective and safe ways for fire ant extermination. They help in protecting your family from fire ant sting and threats posed by it.

Do you have bed bugs? Are you tired of finding bed bugs but didn’t get the solution? So, It’s time to call professional Pest control Sydney to inspect bed bugs infestation. But before hiring professional services it’s very important to prepare well in advance to ensure proper and accurate inspection. Because having a controlled and clean environment can help the professionals do their job effectively and efficiently.
Also, it saves your time and money to some extent. Also, professionals can concentrate in their work ensuring you will not face bed bugs related problem in future. Let’s see how you should prepare for the inspection.

How To Prepare For Bed Bugs Inspection?

There are many things that every homeowner should do before and during the inspection to help the professionals do their job effortlessly. Below are some tips which every homeowner should follow:

1. Remove Odor From Your Home

· Avoid cooking anything that can leave a strong aroma inside the home as this can mask the whiff of bed bugs.    Having a strong smell makes it difficult for the inspectors and their pets to locate bed bugs.
· Quench all the smoking materials and beat out all the ashtrays
· Leave the pets outside
· Avoid using overpowering and strong cleaning agents

2. Get Rid Of The Distractions

· Stow away all the distractions like pet food, toys, foods, etc. before the inspection.
· Turn off the fans, air-conditioners, heaters to minimize the air movement and help the Pest control Payneham inspection team to find the exact location of the bed bugs. Along with this, close all the windows of your home to limit air movement and enhance the chances of finding bed bugs location.

3. Easy Access

· Leave all the travel bags out for inspection as they may be the reason bed bugs entered your home
· Clear the clutter areas as this can prevent the inspection team from finding the bug hiding spots.
· Remove all the furniture (almirahs, sofas, beds, etc.) from the inspection site so that the inspection team can inspect the area properly.

Beg bugs infestation is a common problem in Payneham and can create a lot of hassle and difficulties. So, if you are a resident of Payneham and suspect that you might have bed bugs inside your home. Then you must call professional Pest control Payneham. Hiring certified pest control inspectors can help you get rid of bed bugs easily. Along with this, taking the services of professionals can provide you peace of mind along with 360-degree protection.

So, it’s wise to schedule professional pest control services at least twice a year to inspect your home properly and to make your home pest-free.

Pest Control is very important to keep any property safe and for the better health of the people living in that place. Coming to commercial buildings, then it is very essential to know that there are many pests like rodents, spiders, lizards, cockroaches and so on which are usually found in such areas and need to be treated as soon as possible.

These types of pests cause many types of health issues to the employees working in your office. Regular cleaning is not enough to keep the office in the healthy condition it is important to get the pest control treatment done frequently. Many commercial building owners ignore pest control and don’t know the importance of it but this can later damage their reputation as well as their business. There are many reasons why commercial building needs pest control. 

Commercial Buildings Need Pest Control

Reasons Why Commercial Building Need Pest Control 

  • Property Damage:

    There are many pests such as beetles, rodents, termites and so on which can damage your office property. These nasty creatures can chew all the electricals items and furniture items present in your office and destroy them completely. So if you want to save your office property from being attacked by pests then go for pest control.
  • Cash Damage:

    We hear many cases such as companies got a huge loss due to the rodents biting up their cash. It is very important to do rodent control in your office because they harm all the cash and important documents which lay down in your office.
  • Unhygienic Ambience:

    This is also one of the reasons why commercial building needs pest control. If there is any sign of pests in your office then this can make the ambience unhygienic. For maintaining a good and healthy environment in the workplace experts advise keeping the office completely pest-free.
  • Leaves A bad Impact On Clients:

    What if any client comes at your office for business meetings or signing up any deal and they find lizards on the wall or roaches moving around. It will leave a very bad impact on your clients and they may cancel their deal with your company. So to create a good impression on your client it is important to go for commercial pest control. 
  • Health Of The Employees:

    It is very necessary to take care of the health of your employees as they are an asset of the organization. These pests can cause many health issues to the staff working in your Offices. So for the betterment of your employee’s health make sure you are getting the pest control done regularly.  

Hire Professional Commercial Pest Controllers

Do not take any risk with your business and hire the professional commercial pest control service offered by Stop That Pest today. We have been serving Perth for more than 2 decades now and have got the best pest controllers in-house. We even offer same-day pest control service in commercial areas. With our service, your place will be free from all types of pests. So to book our safe and affordable Local Pest Control Services in Perth.

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Preventing the problem is always better than having to deal with it. In this light, fighting against silverfish infestation can be pretty hard. Instead of wasting time, it’s no doubt why you must prevent them from occurring in the first place. If you are looking for the best ways for Silverfish Pest Control, you have come to the right place.

Best Tips to Keep Silverfish at Bay

Here’s How You Can Effectively Keep Them at Bay-

1)     Keep Things Clean

Before hiring the Professional Pest Control in Melbourne there are certain things you need to follow certain things. This is the most important prerequisite to keep pests in check. Cleaning your house must always be on top of your priority list. The reason is simple- all leggy critters including silverfish love places that are dirty, cluttered and unkempt! The filthier your space is, the more the chances of a silverfish infestation. Starting with the floor, you must also clean all corners. Apart from this, you must also prevent food or any other items from getting stagnate. Do not let dust accumulate by carrying out regular vacuum sessions. Keeping your space fresh and clean will always get half the job done.

2)     Vacuum Everyday

The vacuum cleaner is the most important tool that must be used religiously. And we are not talking about just mattresses and bedding. The entire house can be cleaned effectively using a vacuum cleaner. In the case of silverfish especially, you must target places where food crumbs are found. Ovens, cracks in the kitchen are some of the places to take care of. These are also the places where silverfish love laying their eggs. Not only does it help you get rid of existing but also the ones that are hiding in safe corners.

3)     Seal Entry Points

Once you are done with the vacuum part, it’s time to block all the possible entryways of silverfish. Small gaps and crevices to start with! The same must be cleaned straight away. Sealing is the best option in this regard. The practice isn’t complicated at all. All you gotta do is use waterproof caulking or sealant to do the task. The areas that must be targeted involve kitchens, bathrooms, attic, basement and other cold, dark, squeezy areas present in your house. If there’s any plumbing work to be done, you must do so as early as possible. Moisture becomes the main reason for pests to survive.

4)     Let the Light In

Letting in lots of light in areas that are dingy and dark is one of the best practices. This must be ensured, especially in bathrooms and basements. Silverfish don’t like the light. This is the reason they are mostly found in dark corners and tightest gaps imaginable. So, draw those curtains back and let in some natural light. When you are doing your best bit to get rid of the problem but still see no positive results, it’s time to let silverfish repellents do the job.

Why to Trust?

Professional silverfish pest control can also be considered as an option in case of infestation. Do not forget to carry out these preventive tips however once your home is silverfish free. Call Stop That Pest now to avail our expert services now!

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Bed-bugs inside the house is the most dangerous thing. It is quite tough to locate them; they can be inside your mattresses, pillows or bed-sheets. Thus it is important to take the help of professionals for removing the existence of bed-bugs inside your house. The bed-bugs removal it is important to take care of minute things. It can be your pillow covers, walls or carpets. According to pest control service providers, it is important to implement special steps, so that can get appropriate results.  

Get Rid of Bed-Bugs from Your House

Bed-Bugs Can Take Place in Several Areas:

While initiating the bed-bug eradication process it is important to notify that pets and kids should stay prohibited. While professional bed-bug removal process the exterminators focus on each and every wall. It can be your bedroom or additional room that share the same walls. As we all know these pests do not require large entryways for their habitat. They can easily transfer from one place to another through clothes or other luggage.

Exterminators Target Bed-Bugs Which High-Tech Equipments:

Sometime while dusting with same clothes; these harmful pests can move from one place to another. While daily cleaning process it becomes impossible for an individual to target the areas where your bed-bugs reside.  As it is quite tough to remove heavy-weight elements from one place to another, so using some high-tech equipment can save your life.

Take Care of Special Areas:

The bed-bugs usually attack during the night. Small bites in different areas and blood are the most common signs which can give rise to infestation. Along with the human body blood spots on your bed-sheets means, it’s time to call Sydney Bed Bug Pest Control Service providers. There are ample of treatments which are required for longer results. By using certain chemicals exterminators try to target the eggs of bed-bugs so that they cannot spread the plague.

The special treatments for cleaning linens, bedding, curtains, as well as clothing with the help of hot water and other chemical is necessary. The dry setting technology is a great benefit for removing bed-bugs. Along with other areas, it is important to take special care of shoe areas.

Steps Implemented by Professional to Remove Bed-Bugs:

For the bed-bug eradication process there are certain steps which are implemented for the success of this operation:

1. They try to confirm infestation first
2. By inspecting the location they even target neighboring areas
3. Usage of chemical as well as high-tech equipment to stay away from insecticide is their third step.  
4. They take special care by applying cleaning techniques

Why Consult Stop That Pest for Bed-Bug Removal Process?

We are there to help out our customers by providing bed-bugs removal services. The exterminators of Professional Pest Control Sydney provide high-tech services. For the 100% satisfaction of customers, we investigate certain areas and then try to implement certain steps which can save their life. Thus by making area infestation free, we try to fulfill the needs of customers.

Generally, Cockroach lives in a place where moisture and food are available. Once they get into your home it is quite difficult to remove them from the root. Any manual technique of cleaning and treatment can only give you temporary relief but not a permanent solution. If you want to keep your home free from Cockroach menace, follow the below manual tricks in your day to day household chores.

Cockroach Pest Control

Cockroach Elimination in Homes and Apartments

Sanitation is important. Keep your kitchen platform, gas stove, kitchen bins, sink and floor clean. This is the most significant prevention and management step to be followed.

  • Place the foodstuff in sealed containers and take care of the waste food.
  • Make everything clean and organized to reduce the Cockroach Control hiding places.
  • Fill the gaps, cracks, and crevices if any in your wall and window with cement and paint.
  • You can dust boric acid to the places like cracks, gaps, and crevices to prevent roach to enter.
  • There is food grade diatomaceous earth which is not harmful to human. You can use them for your stored food like cereals and pulses to prevent them to contaminate.
  • Botanical insecticides are the last resort. It has insecticidal properties harmful to the environment.

Principles of Cockroach Control:

Every home has a cockroach. But every homemaker doesn’t know how to deal with them. Here we are discussing the best Principles to be followed for home cockroach control. Before starting with the cockroach pest control the first thing which is to be done is cockroach inspection treatment. If you are unable to do that take the help of a professional pest control service provider to identify the cockroach infestation. After detecting the existence of the cockroach mess you should be very careful with the below concerns.

Eliminate Food:

It is better if you can remove the sources of foodstuff to the minimum. Cockroaches come in search of food and shelter if they get food easily they never leave the place. So not only foodstuff but the food particles lying around, the bins and the waste and leftover food should be eliminated from the place. Do not leave the food scraps reaching to them. A good cleaning method of kitchen platform, gas table, and kitchen space using floor cleaner can help. Always use a sealed container to store food.   

Expert Cockroach Pest Control

Remove Water:

Warm, damp and moist places are the home for Cockroaches. They require water to survive. So do not keep water accessible to them. This can help you to prevent them to survive more at that location.

Take Away Their Shelter:

Small confined spaces such as the cracks of the wall and crevices are the best places where these insects dwell. Remove their shelter by sealing every gap and cracks of the bathroom, kitchen, and pantry with cement and metal. Do not use cardboard objects, plastic bags and scrape newspaper in your kitchen.

Call us today. Stop That Pest is the Professional Pest Control Brisbane for your cockroach control. Dial us to reach us. We will be at your service in no time.

There are various restaurants where we visited several times. A clean and  good restaurant is needed by every customer. Therefore, As an owner of restaurant you need to take care about it. There are various types  of pests which had several effects mentioned below; if found in the restaurant. There is a need to have pest control; if you are looking for the  pest control services then can contact which provide you with the best professional to provide you pest control services.

Pest Control Service

Reasons you Need to Hire Pest Control Professionals for Hotels;

Pest Damage The Things: –

There are various types of major pests found in restaurants which damages the things. Like the rodents which are so harmful that they bit and chew cardboards , wires, and other important documents. Therefore, there is a need for professional pest control services which helps in control of these major pests.

Contaminate The Food and Water – As an owner, you always want your customers to be happy with your food and services. What if they are not satisfied and get ill due to contaminated food and water. The reason behind contamination is the pests that enter your food and damage them. Therefore, the disease causing germs found in them cause deterioration of the food and will make your customers ill with certain health problems.

Bad Environment – The proper the killing of germs, bacteria and other pests. In case, if there is a pest in the restaurants, then it is necessary to kill and remove them first so as to have a clean environment. The pest causes pollution in the environment and contaminate the things surrounding. Therefore,  timely Professional Pest Control will help in the killing then pest effectively.

To Avoid The Diseases – Some diseases are chronic and some are acute, therefore these diseases are the result of the allergens and other pollutants released by the pest. The pest cause skin allergies, cold, cough, and other problems. To avoid the disease you can opt for the professional pest control services who provide you with safe and secure pest control services and help in avoiding the diseases.

To Avoid The Damage to Ceilings and Furniture – The pest causes several effects on the interiors of the restaurants. Some pests drill holes and make places to live in the ceilings, walls and also in the furniture. This creates a bad look at the restaurant before the customers. In this case, the professional makes use of the several sprays during Pest Control Services which kills the pests from the corners as well as holes.

Professional Pest Control Service

What to Do at First When you Discover Infestation?

Discovering Infestation is tough, but is definitely the first step when we talk about Pest Control. As a person responsible for cleanliness of property, make sure that pest control is done properly and you have some clues on infestation which may be happening over the time. Having said that, you can also inform them about the sort of pests you see, or some symptoms lately reported by customers to help them act at pace.The pest is havoc to places like restaurant and hotel. Therefore, if you are an owner of a restaurant and hotel then it is best to opt for the professional pest control services. For having the best pest control services you can contact Stop That Pest which provide you with the best services.

Cockroaches are referred to as the most annoying creatures in history. You may not know that there are approximately 4000 subspecies in the cockroach family. Thus, among these 400 subspecies, there are majorly 30 species that can be found in human habitat. The most common cockroaches that are found are American Cockroach, Oriental Cockroach, German, and Brown-banded Cockroach. You can only get rid of them with the help of professional pest control services. Thus, there may be various methods that can be used for cockroach pest control.

Professional Pest Control Services

Here are Some Points on Why they Need to Be Treated Professionally.

Cockroaches are Sturdy

Cockroaches can easily survive for up to seven days without their head. Thus, this property makes them the strongest pest to be treated. You need to hire professional for pest control in your house as they only have the ability to treat them effectively. In addition, they can hold their breath for approximate 40 minutes with the help of their super-efficient breathing system.

Cockroaches are Small

It is obvious that cockroaches are amongst the smallest creatures that can hide in the crevices and cracks of the wall or any other place. The exoskeleton of the cockroach can act as a catalyst which will help them to escape. Thus, the professional Cockroach Pest Control services can easily find out the places the cockroaches have been hiding.

Cockroaches are Fast

The cockroaches are very efficient and fast and they can run immediately after detecting the threat near them. The body parts of the cockroach are rigid and flexible which can help them to flee away easily. The newborn cockroaches have an average speed of running 5 kilometres per hour while an average human has a walking speed of 5 kilometres per hour.

Cockroaches are Nocturnal Creatures

Cockroaches are referred to as the nighttime crawlers as they attack the kitchen and other places in the night time only because they are invisible or hide in the different places. The cockroaches are active in the dark thus the professional pest control services target the areas where the cockroaches are more likely to present.

Cockroaches Reproduce Rapidly

Thus, the age of the cockroaches is only a year but they can lay up to 50 eggs at a time. So, they reproduce several times during their lifespan. Thus, this help in the rapid increase in the population of cockroaches. You should deal with a single cockroach as soon as it is visible in your house to avoid the problem.

Cockroach Pest Control

Why Cockroach Control Solution of Stop that Pest?

You can consider all the reason for choosing professional pest control services of Stop that Pest. Our professional can help you to get rid of the cockroaches easily without any problem. You can allow our experts to take all the worries from you and eradicate the cockroaches. We have all the highly trained and experienced technicians for the cockroach pest control in your house. We at Stop that Pest believe in providing total satisfaction to the customers about the service of pest control.

Spiders are among the most feared as well as the disliked creature. Controlling the spiders is essential. Spiders are not that much dangerous but its the most undesirable and unattractive creature generally found at home wherein there are some special spiders which cause severe impact on people. There are many spider control strategies which can be really very useful to remove these undesirable pests from home. We are among the top-leading companies which offer Spider Pest Control services. Most of the people have seen spiders; spiders are responsible for creating messy webs around the home which looks ugly. The Spiders are dangerous to your children as well as pets at home.

Spider Control Service

Why People Bother About Spider Control?

There are many varieties of spiders which are very much dangerous such as Redback spider, they are known for causing a threat to the lives of the family as well as pets. So, it is necessary to take spider pest control services. Our professional team are very much experienced as well as known for eliminating the spiders. If you found any dangerous spiders around your living environment, one must contact us.

Tips to keep your home free from webbing formed by the spiders are as follows:  

1. Restrict Food Supply: It is one of the most important factors which must be kept in mind. It can be really much beneficial for Pest Control Services. One must completely restrict the food supply for the spiders that formed webbings at home.

2. Clean or Remove Webs Properly: By eliminating the webs from the home time to time can be a useful but on the other hand, it is not a long-term solution as they may form webs again & again. One can hire our professional team for Spider pest control which is very much useful.

3. By Using Special Chemical Sprays: It is one of the useful methods which can be used to remove the spiders from home. One can directly spray on the spider. Since it is again not a permanent treatment as one must hire professional for the Spider pest control service. Spider pest control services at the Stop That Pest is very much famous that helps to eliminate the problem of the webbing at home.

Spiders are very much unattractive and ugly which destroy the looks of any building or any home. One must take the proper steps immediately to treat the house from the webbing formed by the spiders. Moreover, it has been estimated that one must always keep their surrounding neat & clean which is very much important. Hence, Our Company is popular and well-reputed for providing various discounts on pest control services.

Expert Spider Control

Hire The Professional Spider Control Services

We at the Stop That Pest provides excellent pest control services. It is important to take Spider pest control services to maintain the beauty of the home or any other building. If you want to maintain the cleanliness of your home then, one must contact Stop That Pest which will undoubtedly provide you with the permanent treatment to control webbing formed by spiders.

When it comes to have a neat  and clean commercial space, then it becomes hectic. The reason is the existence of the major pests like rodents. Rodents are larger in size and cause severe problems thus, affecting your commercial space adversely. If these are not controlled then can have adverse effects.

There are many ways in which one can avoid the entrance of these pests. In the case for complete removal of these type of pests, one can opt for the pest control services for Rodent Control Service which are the helpful in eradication of rodents. Here are some important reasons which depicts why there is a need of rodent control.

Rodent Control
  • Contamination of Food Material – If one had some shop or the shops with any eatable items. Then these rodents feed on these items and indirectly contaminate them . After that if you ingest those items than it can lead to severe diseases. For the ones who want to save themselves from the losses caused by rodents can opt for pest control services for Rodent Pest Control annually.
  • Reproduction Rate is High – These rodents are the type of pests which breed rapidly and their population increase at faster rate. So this obvious this will cause severe damage at your commercial space thus damage your things which cause the loss of money. So it is necessary to remove them from your commercial space so as to avoid losses of your economy. One can opt for such pest control methods which  help to reduce their population to the minimum range.
  • Dirty Environment  – The rodents  when accumulated in the space and by their saliva and urine they make space dirty. Moreover, due to they have habit of tearing everything in this way they cause severe damage of things an ultimately leads to a dirty place. Moreover, the poisonous urine and saliva of rodents damage your painted walls  which give a bad impression of the walls.
  • They Cause Unpleasant Smell –  It is not good if any customer at your shop feels uncomfortable by the bad smells that are caused by the rodents. The reason behind is the excretion of urine and fecal matter from the body of rodents. This get accumulated in the corners of your space cause severe smell which sometimes also leads you not to breathe properly.
  • Fire Hazards in the Commercial Space – This is a serious issue where rodents affect your electricity system at your space. They have strong teeth, and due to their chewing and biting habits, they also break the wires. In the case when they expose the copper wires then these exposed wires can be hazardous as any current or shock can cause a fire.
Rodent Pest Control

Rodents can turn really dangerous for businesses, especially if you are dealing in food manufacturing as rodents usually serve on left out food and spread infection and much more. When it comes to controlling them, then one can opt for Stop That Pest which are specialist in imparting pest control services for Rodent Control. Get rid of any infectious diseases which may be spreading across only with effective rodent control services from Stop That Pest.