4 Best Tips to Keep Silverfish at Bay

Preventing the problem is always better than having to deal with it. In this light, fighting against silverfish infestation can be pretty hard. Instead of wasting time, it’s no doubt why you must prevent them from occurring in the first place. If you are looking for the best ways for Silverfish Pest Control, you have come to the right place.

Best Tips to Keep Silverfish at Bay

Here’s How You Can Effectively Keep Them at Bay-

1)     Keep Things Clean

Before hiring the Professional Pest Control in Melbourne there are certain things you need to follow certain things. This is the most important prerequisite to keep pests in check. Cleaning your house must always be on top of your priority list. The reason is simple- all leggy critters including silverfish love places that are dirty, cluttered and unkempt! The filthier your space is, the more the chances of a silverfish infestation. Starting with the floor, you must also clean all corners. Apart from this, you must also prevent food or any other items from getting stagnate. Do not let dust accumulate by carrying out regular vacuum sessions. Keeping your space fresh and clean will always get half the job done.

2)     Vacuum Everyday

The vacuum cleaner is the most important tool that must be used religiously. And we are not talking about just mattresses and bedding. The entire house can be cleaned effectively using a vacuum cleaner. In the case of silverfish especially, you must target places where food crumbs are found. Ovens, cracks in the kitchen are some of the places to take care of. These are also the places where silverfish love laying their eggs. Not only does it help you get rid of existing but also the ones that are hiding in safe corners.

3)     Seal Entry Points

Once you are done with the vacuum part, it’s time to block all the possible entryways of silverfish. Small gaps and crevices to start with! The same must be cleaned straight away. Sealing is the best option in this regard. The practice isn’t complicated at all. All you gotta do is use waterproof caulking or sealant to do the task. The areas that must be targeted involve kitchens, bathrooms, attic, basement and other cold, dark, squeezy areas present in your house. If there’s any plumbing work to be done, you must do so as early as possible. Moisture becomes the main reason for pests to survive.

4)     Let the Light In

Letting in lots of light in areas that are dingy and dark is one of the best practices. This must be ensured, especially in bathrooms and basements. Silverfish don’t like the light. This is the reason they are mostly found in dark corners and tightest gaps imaginable. So, draw those curtains back and let in some natural light. When you are doing your best bit to get rid of the problem but still see no positive results, it’s time to let silverfish repellents do the job.

Why to Trust?

Professional silverfish pest control can also be considered as an option in case of infestation. Do not forget to carry out these preventive tips however once your home is silverfish free. Call Stop That Pest now to avail our expert services now!

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